Sunday, October 23, 2011

New Economic Model: About True Resource Efficiency

True resource efficiency is a method of trade that correctly values the economy based on actual resource use. If the model of true resource efficiency is adopted, then corrupt economic practices will diminish because the system is not abstract in nature. True resource efficiency is like looking at a realistic painting of nature. You can see the actual object. The abstract painting, however, is subject to interpretation, maybe you know what it is and maybe you don't. In art, it may be acceptable to allow abstract art as a true art form, but abstract economics are always unacceptable, because they allow interpretation which obscures true value.

True resource efficiency emerged out of common sense. It was originally based upon a single premise,

"If a product can be made locally, then it will require less resources to make and distribute to the same local market than shipping a similar product from a distant market." 

I determined that all trade should seek to eliminate waste at every level, and by doing so, it will create a stronger and more compact regionally market driven economy that will spur innovation and self sufficiency.

Read about the 9 core concepts of True Resource Efficiency.

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