Thursday, September 15, 2011

A New Era: The Sustainable Transformation

Gothic Green has always been about sustainability. The business grew out of my concepts about sustainability, and the future of the world. I saw a new era approaching and I believed it would be a time when humanity solved the great problems of humankind by embracing sustainability.

The vision rejected a utopia and impractical plan of the future that was reliant on bad ideas and false hopes. Instead, the vision embraced an idea that humanity's awakening would be ushered in by embracing the physical world rather than rejecting it for unattainable spiritual pursuits.

It occurred to me that space exploration could not be achieved long term by a disunited and wasteful populous. There was a paradox brewing. The green movement, back to the land movement, local/regional trading, new urbanism, renewable energy, and other movements for sustainability made more sense for long term space travel than fossil fuels, an automobile economy and a disposal based society. A space faring civilization must be more resource efficient than any other type of civilization that has preceded it.

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