Saturday, September 24, 2011

About Green Cafe` Concepts

I often thought of a cafe` chain built around a seasonal menu and locally produced foods. I thought the business could operate under a brand name, yet offer variety based on the local area. This concept would differ from the typical food service chains by offering a unique experience in every single location that reflected the geographic area and its culture. The name and management of the chain would signal quality at every location, so people would know what to expect. "The menu is different at each location, but the quality remains high."

I knew I had to articulate the cafe as a system that could be easily adopted and duplicated by others to simply the conversion process, so I studied existing restaurants and made my assessments. I found some restaurants were already operating under some form of my concept, but the vast majority did not. Most did not come close.

The Formula of Sustainable Design enabled me to express the concept more easily. The Formula can be used for any business, but I expressed it using the food service business in many places. Ultimately, I wrote the blog, "Green Cafe Concepts" to present my completed system of a cafe that is both seasonal and local. There are 34 posts which provide much knowledge and ideas that others can use to build their own brand. Read it @

I have worked in food service and farming for more than ten years all together. I grew up on a commercial factory farm and studied agricultural classes in school. I have helped open one cafe in the 1990's and I have worked at several corporate and family owned restaurants. The main thing I have learned is how inefficient most farms and restaurants really are, and how they can be made more efficient by considering true resource efficiency.  

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